January 8, 2024

Update 8th of January

Update 8th of January

[Tubbly] - Update 8th of January

General update:

  1. Mobile app development

On Aug 31, 2023 v2.0 of Tubbly app has been released. In this version we redesigned our product (both back-end and front-end) and added:

  • Referral codes
  • New token generation mechanism
  • Marketplace for discounts and free items

Ever since we released 5 minor versions and the current version is v2.5. All together the list of new features is as follows:

  • Added haptics
  • Voluntary ad (once a day)  for additional tokens
  • Network access detection
  • Custom messages module (to announce new promotions or products)
  • New error screens in case of version incompatibility
  • Other minor changes
  • Bug fixes

  1. Google Acceleration

On Dec 7, 2023 Google has accepted Tubbly for Scale Tier Google for Startups Cloud Program. This is significant, because it opens new doors for Tubbly in private Google communities, gives us access to exclusive Web3 grants and benefits on multiple blockchains. On top of that being accepted also takes off most of the infrastructure costs, as Tubbly is based on Google Maps and we’re using multiple other Google products.

  1. Tubbly Shop and Revenues

Huge milestone achieved! With Tubbly v2.0 we released Tubbly Shop. This is our monetisation channel. All discounts are redeemed through Tubbly Shop where we cut our commision. Since we launched it, we record revenues every month. Not huge yet, but we are just warming up.

  1. Blockchain integration

We already started blockchain integration exercises (without TUBE token), as some first experiments with a few blockchains showed that some may impair the experience in Tubbly app (time to finality plays a key role here).