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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Tubbly.


What is Tubbly?

Tubbly is a game combining the real and virtual worlds. Players collect tokens and exchange them for rewards from Partners and Tubbly. Tokens and rewards are on the in-game map, but you have to go to real places to get them. Just like in Pokémon GO.


What are 'tokens'?

These are virtual points that can be exchanged for prizes and discounts in the prize catalog.


How do I get tokens?

Tokens are available in in-game spots on the Tubbly map, to collect them you need to go to the appropriate place shown on the map.


What's on the Tubbly map?

The map shows where Tokens and rewards are located.


What's a 'spot'?

A ‘spot’ is a place on the map where Tokens and rewards from Partners and Tubbly are located. The spot appears in a virtual form on the map, but you have to go to it in the real world to collect tokens or unlock a reward.


I didn't get the the registration code, what now?

Try using the 'resend code' button, and if that doesn't work either, write to us at - we will help you.


How to invite friends?

Use the "Invite friends" panel available in the menu. You will see a special code there that you can send to your friends. Both you and the person you invite will receive 80 tokens. There are no limits to this.


When will the English version be available?

The English version of Tubbly will be available soon - follow our social media to stay up to date!