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Below you'll find answers to the most frequent questions from our partners.


What is Tubbly?

The easiest way to compare Tubbly is to Pokémon GO and Geocaching. Only with us, the prizes are products, services, discounts or other benefits from companies that cooperate with us.

The most important module is a map on which tokens are scattered, i.e. points that you collect and exchange for various prizes available in the 'prize catalog'. There are 6 spots every day with 50 to 120 tokens. Spots appear near every player, regardless of whether they are in Poland or on the Honolulu islands. Tubbly is available everywhere!


What does Tubbly give to companies?

We offer promotions by 2-3 influencers whom we are looking for specifically for you, depending on how many products you send! All we need are products for them to show on their social media!

We create graphics, posts, stories and videos especially for your company, which we then share with you and on our social media!

For additional sales, we also ask for an attractive discount or rebate so that users can benefit from your store, which will generate additional income for you.


What does Tubbly expect from the Company?

You allocate rewards for Tubbly users (depending on how much you can do - there may be few, there may be several dozen, the more, the longer your company is promoted by us). The prizes are in the form of a 100% or 99% discount on your products, so discount codes of this denomination are enough for us. The shipping cost is our player's responsibility.

You send products to influencers who create special materials for you (you send what you want to promote).


What does Tubbly look like to a Partner?

I go to the Partner panel and add my products as rewards for players. I add a photo, description, price in tokens and a code entitling a Player to a discount in my store. I choose whether the spot should be pinned to a specific location or it should always be close to the Player. I choose which influencers will support the campaign. I start the campaign.*

*In the Early Birds program, we will assist you on every step of the way


Does Tubbly work only in big cities?

Well no! Tubbly spots appear dynamically based on the location of players - this means that no matter where they are, our token and reward spots will always appear around them, and each player will see the same number of them.


How can we cooperate?

One-time promotion or long-term cooperation are standard options. If you have some other idea, we will definitely find a solution together to implement it. In case of cooperation via "Whitelabel" or "Custom event map", we encourage you to contact us and discuss the offer individually.


What can I gain?

Marketing that engages the audience with every step they made 😄 At Tubbly, your audience doesn't pass by your ads! On the contrary, they are demanding more of them.


How to become a partner?

Contact us via the form. We will surely get back to you quickly!


Not everything is clear to me. What should I do?

Ask us a question at We are happy to explain everything.

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