Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about Tubbly.


What is Tubbly?

Tubblyis a mobile application that rewards users for visiting spots.


What are Tokens?

Tokens are virtual points which you can exchange for items or discounts in the marketplace within the app.


How do I get tokens?

Tokens are available in spots on the Tubbly map. To get them, you have to appear in the right place physically.


What is on Tubbly Map?

The map shows your location and spots where Tokens and  gifts are available for you.


What is a Spot?

Spot is a point on the Map where you can find Tokens and gifts from Tubbly partners. Within the app is virtual, but you have to go there for real to claim Tokens or unluck the reward.


What is a Backpack?

There is one place in the app where you can find everything you co llected and we call it a Backpack. The Backpack has a limited capacity.


I didn't get the the registration code, what now?

If you have difficulties getting a registration code, please use 'resend the code' button. If it still doesn't help, please contact us via e-mail at


I didn't get the the registration code, what now?

The referral link that Tubbly has generated has several checkpoints in the invite process to prevent cheating. These checks can however fail even on a legitimate referral, what you can try to do is the following:
-make sure they are not a current or former Tubbly user,
-make sure that your friend goes through the referral process in one go so as to not interrupt the process,
-ask your friend to click the link you sent again.
If the steps above do not work you can send us an e-mail at and we can transfer your tokens manually.