September 15, 2023

Pilot campaign - case study and results

Pilot campaign - case study and results

Campaign purpose

With the very first campaign there were a number of aspects of the app and project concepts we wanted to verify. The most important were if we were able to bring new users to the app and how they were going to receive it.

And a bunch of others, like:

  • If people understand the idea of the app and are actively using the functionalities
  • If people are willing to move in real world to collect virtual tokens and exchange them for the items
  • If influencers are going to be a good leverage to encourage users to use the app
  • Gather basic metrics that will allow forecasts for future campaigns

Campaign parameters:

App version: MVP (v0.22) available for browsers

Partner: TAKIPIES (premium dog food e-commerce)

Campaign type: Engagement campaign (with dynamic spots)

Promotion type: Influencers (in exchange for barter)

Rewards: Free DogFood packs & discounts

Campaign preparation

The campaign was scheduled to launch on the 3rd of October 2022 and take 7 days. In the preceding week we had two main streams of work. Application testing and marketing arrangements. For the testing, every team member had to walk out and take part in our final test campaign. Then, by the end of the week the IT was fixing the last bugs. In the marketing stream, all the influencers as well as the partner have been briefed and guided on how to explain the app to their audience.

Influencers engaged in exchange for barter:

  1. (150k)
  2. (40k)
  3.  (21k)

Campaign rules:

  1. Token spots (6) appear around each user every day
  2. Each spot contains between 60 and 120 tokens
  3. To unlock the reward user needs 960 - 1000 tokens (depending on the reward)
  4. Registering from a referral link results in 120 additional tokens
  5. Referring a friend results in 50 additional tokens

Campaign is live

On the day 1 of the campaign, all of the influencers have published instructions on how to get into the app and collect the reward at the time of their preference. The communication with the users was multichannel (feedback module in the app, social media, mails).

Campaign statistics

Campaign results

The results were astonishing in terms of numbers. Significantly higher than expected taking into consideration that we only bartered with the influencers. Some of the key numbers can be found in the graphics below. Key findings from the community:

  • Users were genuinely surprised that the app worked everywhere (including rural areas), and the same way for everyone. They left loads of comments about it.
  • Users knew how to use the app. None of the 18 reviews were regarding the intuitiveness of the app and there were a lot of comments and reviews saying it’s easy to use.
  • Users were much more active than we expected, and this activity did not fall when we increased the spots distance in the middle of the campaign.
  • Bringing users to the app will not be expensive. To get over a 1000 users we gave the influencers barely $60 worth of dog food  

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