August 1, 2022

Update 10th of July

Update 10th of July

General update:

  1. Tubbly app gamification

With the help of Paweł Tkaczyk (gamification expert in CEE) we are implementing a new gamification system. We have already completed a few workshops and we have the first part of our gamification strategy.

  1. Partnerships

In the past weeks, we’ve got new customers who are gonna use our mobile application for promoting their locations: bitomats / Bitcoin ATMs.

  1. Mobile app development

We already have one of the key functionalities developed - drop campaigns for our partners. The entire mechanics of unlocking the spot with the reward with tokens is ready. We also have a basic admin panel for parametrization of the drop (dynamic spot’s distance from users location, number of tokens in the spot, custom spot location). Next step will be adding the referral links functionality and adjusting the layout of the app according to the revamped app design.

  1. Internal workshop

On Saturday 09/07/2022 we organized an internal off site workshops for the entire Tubbly team to meet in person. The workshops helped us to align the product vision and the high level strategy for the application as well as brought us some new ideas for the further development of the project.