August 1, 2022

Update 1st of August

Update 1st of August

General update:

  1. New website

We decided to go in a slightly different direction with the website and focus more on the app itself, showing more mockups and main CTA redirecting to the web version of our application once the pilot Tubbly Drop is ready to be rolled out. Additionally as we saw a significant interest from influencers in our pilot Tubbly Drop we added the ambassador form for influencers to apply to work with us. Last but not least we have extended our roadmap for 2023.

  1. Mobile app development

Having all the core functionalities in place for the pilot Tubbly Drop, we added the referral link functionality and a tutorial guide for users before log-in, for a better understanding of the app. As a next step we are implementing the codes from our partner into the marketplace and doing an internal Tubbly Drop with crypto rewards for our team and friends to test the application before we roll it out for the pilot Tubbly Drop.

  1. Partnerships

Currently our partnerships are turning into a backlog pipeline for the next pilot Tubbly Drops. If you know a brand that would like to participate in the pilot and do a Tubbly Drop campaign with us please let us know on Telegram or at hello@tubbly.io . The pilot Drops are a part of the app alpha testing and are out of charge.