August 1, 2022

Update 22nd of June

Update 22nd of June

General update:

  1. Tokenomics

The tokenomics has been slightly adjusted after the consultation with our advisors. Now it’s more understandable and the inflation rate is lower. To make it more appealing we increased the TGE unlock for public sale but we also increased the vesting for both private and public rounds.

Link to Tokenomics 

  1. Website

The new, more appealing design of the website is almost ready. By the beginning of July we’ll start the development. However this is still not a target version. The target version will include a strong 3D metaverse like visuals.

  1. Mobile app

Mobile version of the app is well advanced in development. We internally tested the ability to drop spots anywhere we like and also to distribute spots dynamically. The focus now is on the key use case of the app which is items drop. We scheduled one very small real life test for mid July, to get some feedback.

  1. Funding

Now, despite multiple launchpads we confirmed cooperation with, we also are applying for a grant on one of the Layer 1 blockchains and the talks are at an advanced stage. We will continue to observe the market and make appropriate decisions regarding the IDO date.