December 2, 2022

Update 2nd of December

Update 2nd of December

General update:

  1. Partnerships & Events

Since the last update we’ve been to a few events. Block DoJo, MetalVerse, Next Block Expo and Pitch Me Baby, where we’ve been pitching our deck and making connections with investors.

Just in the last month, we have onboarded 30+ new partners for the launch campaign in January. Which is significantly more than we expected. Partners sincerely like the idea and are offering valuable rewards.

  1. Mobile app development

The Android app went live and has been beta tested by our users through the Google Play Store during the latest campaign.

Android download link

With the current version of the app (0.36.0) we have new stuff since 0.10.0:

  • Enhanced and shortened tutorial experience,
  • Enhanced app flow,
  • New aligned design across the entire app,
  • Admin panel to manage app parameters live,
  • Partner panel to manage multiple campaigns,
  • Pop-up messages to communicate with users,
  • End campaign screen,
  • Fixed location refresh,
  • Fixed referral links,
  • Fixed claiming when there are no more items from partner,
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Work in progress:

  • iOS app build
  • New visual identity

  1. Fundraising strategy


We’re revisiting the opportunities with launchpads that we already partnered with and together we observe the market. If we see more signs of the trend turning up we’re ready to launch in Q1.

Traditional fundraising

We’re noticing more interest in Tubbly ever since we conducted the pilot campaign and delivered the Android app. The first revenue is on the horizon and once it comes we have VCs interested to move the talks further.

App launch plan:

Launch plan slide