September 6, 2022

Update 6th of September

Update 6th of September

General update:

  1. Partnerships & Events

Tubbly is a co-organizer of the event and will greet the Cryptoverse Expo 2022 participants on the 9th of September. Participants will be able to run the Alpha version of the app and see the in app tutorial to give feedback and get rewards! That’s the first contact of our end users with the application, keep your fingers crossed.

  1. Fundraising strategy

Given the market conditions we decide to put on hold the token launch. Nevertheless we already got onto the other paths of project financing.

  • Last week we had a long awaited meeting that kicked off the grant process at one of the Layer 1 blockchains, and there already is a follow up on the process.
  • A few private investors supported us financially in August to boost the product development which helped us onboard an additional developer.
  • Tubbly already has a traditional VC focused deck and we’re starting our first talks this week.

  1. Mobile app development

With the current version of the app (0.10.0) we have:

  • Full tutorial, showing how Tubbly works in a nutshell.
  • Optimized map loading.
  • Support for svg Google maps, and different map modes.
  • Reward codes from partners integrated.
  • 3D animation on the welcome screen and 3D token in the token spots.